Pittsburgh Articulate Announces Hiatus, Joins Efforts With Pittsburgh Web Magazine The Glassblock

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To our readers:

After almost two years of delivering reviews, interviews, and other news from Pittsburgh’s arts communities, Pittsburgh Articulate has announced its plans to join forces with The Glassblock, a forthcoming web magazine  of Pittsburgh from Adam Shuck and David Bernabo. Meghan Stone Olson, founder and editor of Pittsburgh Articulate, believes that this development will help continue her publication’s tradition of thoughtful, critical writing about Pittsburgh arts, while enhancing its long-term sustainability.

To fulfill the terms of a grant recently received from  Pennsylvania Partners in the Arts, Pittsburgh Articulate will continue with the scheduled publication of a series of articles on art and feminism under the editorial guidance of Vicky Clark, curator and Clarion University professor emerita, and Ann Rosenthal, an established Pittsburgh artist. This series will run from February through May 2016. After that time, the Articulate website will be preserved for its archival value, and its resources and future efforts will be folded into The Glassblock.

Alexandra Oliver, an art blogger and contributor to Articulate, is excited about this new phase, which she says is positive and necessary: “Over the past two years, Articulate gained a dedicated following thanks to its unique and critical voice. Adam and Dave share our commitment to quality in local art criticism, so we’re very happy to support The Glassblock‘s mission.”

“Dave and I are excited to help continue the spirit behind Pittsburgh Articulate and look forward to pursuing more ways to help tell stories from and about local artists and their work,” said The Glassblock editor Adam Shuck.

Olson and Oliver are asking all their friends, readers and followers to generously support The Glassblock’s Kickstarter campaign and stay up to date with the development of the web magazine on social media. Over the coming weeks, The Glassblock will be issuing Calls for Submissions in preparation for an early 2016 launch. The Glassblock is committed to paying contributors for their work. Learn more at the Kickstarter campaign.



Meghan Olson, for Pittsburgh Articulate:
Adam Shuck, for The Glassblock:


About Pittsburgh Articulate

Pittsburgh Articulate was founded in the early, cold days of 2014, driven by the passion and vision of Meghan Stone Olson, an artist and teacher. Since then it has published dozens of reviews, interviews, blog posts and editorials about Pittsburgh art and culture.


About The Glassblock

Conceived by Adam Shuck and Dave Bernabo, The Glassblock is a forthcoming web magazine that aims to inform, entertain, and showcase creative work and stories from Pittsburgh, a city brimming with talent and poised for change. From art and music, to food and local happenings, to history and everyday culture, The Glassblock will work with contributors, using many different mediums, to tell stories of Pittsburgh. Please support their Kickstarter campaign, which ends December 16, 2015. Follow The Glassblock on Facebook and Twitter for updates. The Glassblock will launch in early 2016.

2 Comments on Pittsburgh Articulate Announces Hiatus, Joins Efforts With Pittsburgh Web Magazine The Glassblock

  1. Silvija Singh // January 15, 2017 at 8:30 pm // Reply

    Are you in need of artist/writers for Glassblock?

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