Pittsburgh Articulate aims to expand the scope of critical art writing and increase dialog surrounding the arts and relevant issues in the Pittsburgh region. Through thoughtful reviews, interviews, discussions and articles, Pittsburgh Articulate provides a platform for an internet-based conversation and critique that can have implications beyond the screen.

Pittsburgh Articulate was launched in November of 2013.  After securing a Seed award from the Sprout Fund and bringing together a core group of artists, writers, directors and curators to serve as project advisors, the site went live in May, 2014.

We are grateful for the generous support of the Sprout Fund and to our community partners at the Mine Factory, Radiant Hall and The Pittsburgh Collective Archive.  As the product of many artists and writers serving as contributors and guest-editors, our efforts rely on funding from current and future sponsors.  We are seeking sponsors for guest-edited discussions, regular columns and open submissions. All sponsorship inquiries can be sent to

As we expand our coverage, we welcome press releases and information about upcoming exhibitions and events.

Who We Are

Editor (at large) Meghan Olson

Blog Columnist Alexandra Oliver

Guest-Editor for Discussions Series Amanda Donnan

Contributors: Edith Abeyta, Dan Byers, Sally Deskins, Casey Lee Droege, April Friges, Katelynd Gibbons, Rob Katkowski, Todd Keyser, Kristen Letts Kovak, Maria Mangano, Chris McGinnis, Alexandra Oliver, Meghan Olson, Derek Reese, Alyssum Skjeie, Claire Stigliani, Ruthie Stringer, Ryan Woodring

Project Advisory Board: April Friges, Ryan Lammie, Cindy Liscia, Chris McGinnis, Alexandra Oliver, Meghan Olson, Kara Skylling, Scott Turri

Logo Designer Seth Clark

Sponsors: The Sprout Fund, Radiant Hall

Upcoming Events

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